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Sno. Test Name Amount  Min Qty Ref. Value
1     JAK2 - MUTATION 5000  
3     JEV IgG & IgM( Japanese Encephalitis Virus) 1500   Limitations :

1.Some patients may not produce Abs in the first 7 - 10 days. In such patients the test should be repeated after suitable interval.
2.This is only a preliminary test and hence all positive results should be confirmed by RT-PCR or Virus Culture.
3. The results of this test, should not be interpreted in isolation and should be always correlated with Clinical findings and other patient data.
4     JEV IgM ( Japanese Encephalitis Virus) 1500  
5     JO - 1 1000   1 ml Less than 1.0 : Negative
More than or equal to 1.0 TO 2.0: Weak Positive
More than or equal to 2.0 TO 5.0: Positive
More than or equal to 5.0 : High Positive
6     Johnson grass[sorghum halepense]( g10)- SPECIFIC I 600   Less than 0.35 IU/mL : Negative
0.36 - 0.70 IU/mL : Low Positive
0.71 - 3.50 IU/mL : Moderate Positive
3.51 - 17.50 IU/mL : High Positive
More than 17.50 IU/mL : Very High Positive
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